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Nextbase Accessories for your In-Car Dash Camera

There are lots of Nextbase accessories to help make dash cam even better. So if you’re considering buying a Nextbase Dashcam or already have one then read on.

There has been significant growth in the dashcam market over the last five years.

In fact, there has been a 900% rise in the use of dashcams worldwide; more and more drivers are relying on their dashcam in the event of an accident or incident with their vehicles.  

One of the top brands of a dashcam is a UK company, Nextbase. They come with a wide range of Nextbase accessories.

Starting life as a DVD manufacturer Nextbase have expanded their retail range to include a top-quality range of dashcams. With models to suit every budget.

Nextbase has mastered the dashcam technology and provides superb picture quality and is fast becoming the number one dashcam supplier.

If you’re considering buying a Nextbase Dash Camera, then check out our review of the most popular, the Nextbase 312GW Review.

What Nextbase Accessories Are Available?

In this review, we look at the range of Nextbase accessories that make a Next base dashcam such good value and so easy to use.

There is every accessory available to ensure the correct working of your dashcam product.

1. Windscreen Attachment


To attach your dashcam to your vehicle, you need some form of attachment gadget.

The TIMESETL Nextbase Dash Cam Suction Cup Holder is suitable for the Nextbase 112, 212,312GW, 412, and 512GW dashcam models.

The suction cup allows the instant fix to your windscreen.

It is made of high-quality materials. The suction cup installs by just removing the protection film and then attach to your windscreen.

The small design ( only 4.5cm ) makes it easy to hide behind your rearview mirror.

If you get it wrong, don’t worry, you can easily reuse the suction cup and correctly install it where you want it to go.

It is only suitable for a glass surface but is still makes it one of the best Nextbase accessories.

2. Nextbase Accessories Click & Go+ Magnetic GPS Mount


The Next base click and Go mount is the perfect running mate for your Nextbase dashcam.

Nextbase Original In-Car Camera windscreen mount for the in-car camera 312GW, 412GW, 512GW, and 612GW. 

The product has GPS within the mount. This provides GPS logging so that you can view your journey tracker via Google Maps.

The  GPS also records the speed of your driving in Mph and KMH to help further with insurance claims.

Although not included in some dashcam models, the GPS mount will be included with your purchase of a 312GW, 412GW, 512GW, and 612GW.

This mount is not compatible with the 101, 112, 202, 212, 302G, DUO, or Mirror models.

This mount is ideal if you are a two-car family or a car fleet owner.

It means you can transfer your dashcam between vehicles with ease. Simply by just clipping the unit into the mount each time you want to use it.

The good thing about this mount is that it is smaller than the suction mount. Therefore it is easier to position the dashcam behind the mirror.

3. Nextbase Hardwire Kit


The most traditional way of installing your dashcam might be using the cigarette lighter in your car.

However, there is another way that a bit of time and effort provides a more stable environment for your dashcam use.

The Nextbase Car Camera Hard Wire Kit provides a hardwire solution to installing your Nextbase dashcam.

The kit is available for most models of Nextbase dashcams. And, is easy to install even if you have little knowledge of car electrical workings.

It comes with 4 meters of cable, so there is plenty there for any car type installation.

To install the kit, you just run the cable that is in the kit from your camera to the fuse box in your car.

In the kit are two fuse connectors one ATO/C ordinary) plus one ATM (mini) you find a fuse that turns on with ignition (they say for a heated rear window no more than 20 amps).

The hardwire kit is, in fact, very easy to install. All the excess wires can be tucked behind the steering wheel. 

You will need to earth it to a bolt-on the vehicle. 

 It comes with a double fuse holder so you can plug it in anywhere you can use any fuse holder to install it.

4. Carry Case


The Nextbase carry case is the perfect complementary partner for your Nextbase dashcam.

Made from high-quality neoprene, the case will keep your dashcam safe and protect the lens at the same time.

The Nextbase carry case is compatible with all models of the Nextbase dashcam range.

The range of Nextbase accessories gives you everything to bring your dashcam to life.