Best Gadgets to Take Camping

In this article, we’re going to be looking at the best camping gadgets to take with you. You might ask, why would you want to take gadgets with you, if you’re going camping? That’s the point isn’t it? 

Well, since March 2020, interest in camping has soared as more and more people decide to have a staycation this year and for the foreseeable future. For some people, it may be the first time they’ve ever considered going camping. They may not have thought about how different it is from their usual kind of holiday and may be surprised when they can’t use their usual amenities or gadgets. 

You may find that you’re completely fine without all the tech and gadgets we’ve become so used to. But your family or friends, on the other hand, might not be so into the Bear Grylls thing as you are. 

If you (or your company) are determined to go camping and still enjoy some of the luxuries you love, then you’ll want to take a look at these latest camping gadgets. 

Sleeki Portable Phone Charger 

For those of us who need our smartphones every day, there’s nothing worse than running out of power in the middle of nowhere, unable to contact anyone and having flashbacks to the last time they watched The Blair Witch Project! All joking aside, being unable to contact anyone, especially if you’re out in the countryside alone, can be a serious issue. Carrying a working and charged up phone will give you that feeling of security. 

Sleeki Camping White Image

In addition, some campsites don’t have a practical source of power for simple things like a phone charger (unless you like spending a couple of hours stuck in the utility room or pleading with the campsite receptionist). You’d much rather be charging your phone on the go! 

The Sleeki Portable Phone Charger is the perfect solution to keep your phone juiced up for your trip. What we like about this power bank is its 10,000 mAh capacity. With all that juice, it can charge a smartphone up to 4 times. So, depending on how long your trip is and how often you use your phone out in the wild, a Sleeki charger could last you a number of days without needing a socket. And, you’ll always know how much power is left in the power bank, thanks to it’s LED display.  

Not only do you not need power sockets, but you don’t always need a cable either! Sleeki uses QI wireless technology to charge today’s brand new smartphones and has built-in cables for those slightly older smartphones. 

And, if your friends get jealous, you can easily share some of the battery juice! The powerbank is able to charge 4 devices at once. And by devices, we don’t just mean smartphones. We’re talking bluetooth earphones to electric body warmers! 

The Sleeki Portable Phone Charger also comes in three different colours and a sleek and modern design. 

Whether you want to simply stay in touch, take photos and videos of your camping trip or even play games, having a portable phone charger will let you do all of this for a lot longer!

The Coleman Cool Box Xtreme

“A beer, a beer, my kingdom for a chilled beer!” We don’t know whether Shakespeare went camping or not during his lifetime, but we’re certain that if he did, he likely would have said this phrase. Fortunately for us in 2020, lukewarm drinks on campsites are a thing of the past. We’re not just talking about an ice pack for the afternoon picnic – the technology available today means you can get days worth of ice retention.   

Camping Coolbox

The Coleman Cool Box Xtreme is a fine example of this modern insulation technology, specifically designed for camping and road trips. This camping gadget is made primarily from polyurethane, a strong yet lightweight insulator. It also has rounded feet in order to maintain an air gap between the floor and the bottom of the cooler. This space for air to flow helps to insulate further against heat transfer from the ground. The rounded edges of the cooler also help with insulation. 

It might look like a hefty price tag but this particular model of cool box can hold up to 66 litres (that’s 100 x 330ml cans!) and keep things cool for up to 5 days. Perfect for a short camping trip with friends or family. 

As an added extra, the cool box has 4 cup holders built into the lid and when closed, even acts as a seat to sit on, whilst enjoying a refreshing drink. 

Heated Body Warmer

In the UK, there’s no guarantee that the weather will remain pleasant whilst you’re away. Depending on the time of year you decide to go camping and just the British weather in general, it might actually be rather cold. Or, you might like to go camping in winter because campsites are quieter or you like the wintertime views.

Heated Body Warmer Image

For some people, it can take a lot of convincing to go camping in cold weather. This is where a heated body warmer comes in. The Nasharia Heated Vest is a great gadget to take camping, as it provides the wearer with a continuous supply of heat within the material. The design means that it’s extremely portable and can even be used for winter sports or pretty much any activity where you’ve got to face the cold.  

It has three heat settings (low, medium and high) and is activated by a button on the chest of the body warmer. The body warmer needs to be powered by a portable power bank, which is bought separately. Even after the power is switched off, the vest can stay heated for a number of hours. 

Navaris Portable Pressure Shower

It’s normally a begrudgingly accepted fact about camping that your hygiene will suffer whilst you’re away from the home. Some campsites have their own facilities but if you’ve always wanted the full camping experience, without the basic amenities, you’re probably wondering how to maintain acceptable levels of hygiene! You don’t want to be attracting the flies whilst you’re trying to enjoy your holiday. 

Portable Shower Image

Therefore, a portable shower is one cool camping gadgets to take if you want to stay clean in the wilderness. We’d all love to shower in an idyllic waterfall setting whilst the sun shines on our backs but not every campsite can offer this, sadly! 

The Navaris Portable Pressure Shower is a particularly special gadget for camping, in our opinion, as it allows you to carry 11 litres of water and adjust the pressure to your liking with the help of a foot pump. This means there’s no need for electricity to power the shower.  

The water tank is made from PVC material, which helps to warm up the water when left out in the sun. If there’s a way to avoid screaming through an ice cold shower, we’ll take it! It also comes with a hose and nozzle, which lets you control the water flow whilst showering – ideal for when you pause to use shampoo or shower gel. If there’s somewhere to affix the nozzle whilst you shower, then even better, you can go hands-free! 

The Navaris Portable Pressure Shower is collapsible when not filled with water, meaning it will fit nicely in its compact carry case for the trip home. Navaris have designed this product with both utility and portability in mind and it certainly delivers on this. There’s also no reason why you can’t take it with you elsewhere. Imagine being able to wash sand off your feet after a day at the beach! 

WolfWise Portable Privacy Tent

Using a portable shower when there’s no running water is a great example of how gadgets can make the camping experience much more enjoyable. However, not everyone likes to show off their bodies for everyone to see. If you’re happily accustomed to a certain level of privacy like us, you may feel exposed when showering, going to the loo or getting changed. We think we speak for everyone when we say nobody would rather do these things in the bushes! 

Camping Privacy Screen

To help things feel a little more like being at home, the WolfWise Portable Privacy Tent offers you those moments of privacy when you need it – and fast! Whether you need to shower, get changed or even just hide from the family for a few minutes, it’s designed to be used anywhere and for anyone. 

Firstly, this cool camping gadget is extremely portable. It is foldable and props itself up almost instantly. When you’re done, it folds away into a reasonably sized carry case that acts as a backpack. It’s as if you were never there! 

Despite not being a full-size habitable tent, we love that WolfWise have spared no expense in making it just as strong as one. This 190cm tall tent is very weather resistant. The material is waterproof and if the weather is particularly bad (or you’re concerned about being peeped on from above) there’s also a cover that fits over the top of the cubicle. As with most sensible tents, the WolfWise tent comes with peg loops at the bottom, ideal for fixing it in place and preventing a dramatic and premature reveal for the whole world to see.

A pouch inside the tent lets you store your keys, phone or other valuables whilst you change and there’s a zip on the side that allows extra air in. This can also be used to hang a shower head on. 

The tent works great as protection from the sun, so if your camping trip involves a visit to the beach or park in the summer, then this may come in handy for escaping the rays for a bit too. Without the cover on top, there’s still a mesh that allows air to flow through the tent. 

The WolfWise Portable Privacy Tent is available in a number of colours to suit your tastes and there’s an attachable floor to stand on for extra comfort. 

JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

No camping trip would be complete without some good tunes for everyone to enjoy! And by that we don’t mean trying to tune the radio to reach the only AM frequency in the area. These days, there’s a much better way to enjoy the music you love, without horrible static in the background.

JBL Speaker for Camping

Portable bluetooth speakers are great camping gadgets that allow you to play music from your smartphone or laptop onto a speaker for everyone to enjoy. What we like about the JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker is its sleek design and range of colours. For the ultimate camping mood, we’d recommend the camouflage design, but be careful not to lose it! 

The design of the speaker also means it can be laid horizontally or stood up vertically, depending on the space you want to use it in and still offer great sound with a booming base. At only 181mm long and a weight of just 540g, the JBL Bluetooth Speaker packs a punch whilst being super portable. 

We love that whether you’re planning an all-day party or just using it now and again over several days, there’s minimal interruption to the music. The speakers provide 12 hours worth of battery life and still work whilst being recharged by a power supply or by one of the best camping gadgets our power bank. If you do decide to stop for a while, the speaker will automatically put itself into sleep mode. 

Getting technical, the speaker supports AAC and MP3 file formats using Bluetooth version 4.2, meaning it can pair with over 100 different types of device. The speaker also comes with an Android and iOS app. 

No matter where you’re going or who you’re with, there’s no doubt a portable bluetooth speaker is one of the best gadgets to take camping.

Ncamp Wood Burning Camping Stove

It’s great to have all these luxuries that remind us of home and make the camping experience a bit more bearable for everyone. However, one thing you need regardless of where you go is food – you need to eat! And, unless you’re planning to eat mushrooms and berries for the length of your holiday, you’re going to need something to cook with. 

Portable Camping Stove Image

When camping, it’s not as simple as switching on the hob or oven. If you’re travelling light, it’s rather impractical to carry round a mini oven or electric stove in your backpack or tent. 

This is where the Ncamp Wood Burning Camping Stove comes in! This compact stove is designed to use twigs and sticks as fuel to heat up your pan and cook food – just add fire! You can also use gas and alcohol as a fuel source, but the stove is primarily designed to maximise output from burning wood for that natural camping experience.  

The stove is made from stainless steel and aluminium. This makes it durable and stable enough to cook with but light enough to be portable, weighing only 794g. It’s clever design means it can fold up and easily be packed into your backpack, going from 16cm tall to just 3.8cm. When you need to use it again, simply prop up the legs and set it down on a flat surface (away from flammable materials, of course!). 

With this nifty little camping gadget, there’s no running out of gas or electricity, which means there’s no excuse to give in and find a takeaway instead! 

Gadgets turn camping into an enjoyable experience 

Sometimes taking gadgets camping can make the difference between a nice getaway and an endurance test. The good news is that there are many camping gadgets out there designed to make things as pleasant or as challenging as you like. So, whether you’re an experienced camper or looking for a new way to enjoy a holiday, there’s some useful camping gadgets for everyone.

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