Best Dash Cam

Dash Cams On A Budget. Best Under £50

Do you really need a dash cam?

Dash cams allow us to have evidence in case of road accidents and follow what’s going on in traffic. So do you need one, well yes!

Videos of crazy drivers have also become very popular online, so your dashcam footage can even get viral.

Well, in this review guide, we break down the three best dash cams on the market this year.

We’ll be taking a look at dash cams in every budget range. Regardless of whether you have a few quid left and want the best value or are looking for the best of the best, we will have an option for you for under £50

DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cam

The DuDuBell rearview mirror dash camera comes in handy during an emergency. It’s convenient to use because the dash cam will record everything and then lock it up.

You don’t want a dash camera that cannot record crystal clear videos. That’s why you need to invest in a product like the DuDuBell 4.3-inch touch screen display streaming media dashcam for your car.

This camera has high resolution with HDR technology and allows you to capture everything in great detail to bring a better viewing experience.

The right-side touch screen is more suitable for UK drivers to operate while driving.

Enhanced night vision and reverse assistant features of this dashcam are ideal for capturing more details at night.

It has a backup camera with an IP68 waterproof design (not sure why you would want this feature unless you’re considering driving your car in the rain with the roof down!).

It will automatically display reverse images in any situation whenever the reverse gear is engaged.

The parking guideline will assist you to par more safely at night. The front lens of the camera has a 170-degree wide-angle while the rear lens has a 120-degree angle.

This is important to capture more details on the road while driving. The rear camera has a cable length of 19.68ft. That’s why you need to invest in the DuDuBell mirror dashcam for your vehicle. 

DuDuBell Mirror Dash Cams Features

Gravity Sensor – The DuDuBell dashcam functions with a gravity sensor to automatically lock the recording video files when any vibration is detected. 

Parking Monitor – The dashcam consists of a 24-hour parking guard once disconnected from the power supply. When a vibration is detected, the camera will start recording the videos and locking the files automatically.

Loop Recording – The cam will automatically overwrite the earliest videos for seamless recording functionality. 

Motion Detection – This feature will let you save energy by setting up the camera to record videos once any motion is detected in front of the vehicle. It will stop the recording when no motion is detected. 

DuDuBell Guarantee and Pricing

The DuDuBell dashcam comes with a 12-month warranty.

This is another great mirror dashcam that you could buy.

It doesn’t sacrifice functionality for its low price.


Azdome Mirror Dash Cam

This product also has a front and rear recording camera. The ultra-wide 170-degree front camera and the 120-degree rearview camera are the dual recording cameras of this product.

The coverage is quite impressive, while the rearview camera is made with superior high transmittance material.

The product blends with your vehicle, and its anti-glare properties let you view traffic with ease. You will appreciate the fact that this dashcam is pretty easy to use.

There is a one-switch button to navigate between the two display screens. The night vision of the dashcam is quite impressive, considering its price.

It comes with a six-layer high-resolution lens to enhance the nighttime viewing. Making it a good choice if you need to invest in a quality mirror dash camera for your vehicle.

Azdome Mirror Dash Cam Features

Highly Sensitive Anti-Glare Touch Screen – The high transmittance material of the rearview camera blends with your car quite effectively.

You only need to have a glimpse at the 5.5-inch touchscreen to check the traffic situation and take control of it. 

Picture in Picture Display – The front and rearview videos will be displayed on the screen in a picture-in-picture appearance.

The one-button switch feature lets you toggle the display of the two views in either the inset window or the full screen, respectively. You can even turn off the picture-in-picture display. 

Gravity Sensor for Emergency Locking – This function will let you automatically record videos and images and let you provide evidence of car collisions.

Working Temperature – The working temperature of this dashcam is between -30 to 75 °C – which will let it record in all environmental conditions. 

Be A Normal Mirror – Set the screensaver or just tap the power button to turn off the display. That way, you can use the mirror as you would normally do it, and it will still record. 

Azdome Guarantee and Pricing

The seller provides 24-month warranty and lifetime technical support for this product.


Toguard Mirror Dash Camera

Toguard is an industry leader in home and personal security monitoring technology.

The Toguard dash cam is a mid-range product in the dashcam market, which you can buy for less than £50.

It looks quite sophisticated upon the first appearance. You will be impressed with the modern design of this dashcam.

The seven-inch total screen interface is the best thing about this product. It’s highly responsive and quite user-friendly.

The installation of the camera is straightforward when you follow the instruction manual that comes with the product.

The cable that connects the front and rear camera aren’t quite long enough – which is the only disadvantage of this product.

Both the front and rear cameras offer 1080P full HD recording – which helps improve the quality of the recordings.

The front camera has a 170-degree recording angle while the rear camera has a 140-degree recording angle. This will give you a good view of all lanes while driving.

The product offers very clear recordings at all light levels. That’s why you need to invest in this dashcam right now. 

Toguard Features

Parking Monitor & G-Sensor – The parking monitor will let the dashcam automatically turn on and record while you are parking the vehicle.

The Gravity Sensor is integrated into the product to automatically lock the recorded video for safekeeping during a collision. This dashcam provides powerful evidence during a collision due to these features. 

Reverse Camera Kit for Safe Parking – You don’t have to turn around when parking the vehicle thanks to this feature. It will let you park the vehicle quite easily. 

Simple Installation – You can easily install this dashcam by following the instructions that come with the product. 

Wide and Clear 7-Inch Touch Screen – The seven-inch touchscreen is quite responsive, large, and beautiful. The interface is easy to navigate.

Toguard Dash Cams Guarantee and Pricing

The product is priced at £45.99 and comes with a 24-month guarantee.