Best Cabin Luggage Available

The Best Cabin Luggage. Smart Suitcase Review For Your Next Trip!

Best cabin luggage for your next trip away. We review the latest suitcases with all the tech your trip can handle!

In this golden age of advanced technology, why are we still carrying our luggage when embarking on a new journey? Why aren’t there any robots to help us with it? Well, the days have come to firsthand experience how artificial intelligence can facilitate in making our journey hand free.

Behold the smart robot suitcases which use artificial intelligence to monitor user’s movement to follow them automatically.

No matter where you go (obviously except stairs), these intelligent suitcases will accompany you while avoiding all types of obstacles. And we hope without bumping into any object or people.

If you are looking for one of the best smart robot suitcases, then you’ll love these handpicked options.

WSJTT Intelligent Electric Luggage from £2,064.79

First up on our list is WSJTT Intelligent Electric Luggage, which also features writing capability along with auto follow-up features.


Currently available in just one colour (black). The suitcase looks quite similar to any other typical non-smart suitcase in the market. With the only difference being it is way more durable and intelligent.

On the front, it features a handle essential for users to properly settle on the top of the suitcase. The front bottom features one footrest on either side to give the users a comfortable ride.

Build Quality

WSJTT Intelligent Electric Luggage is capable of withstanding 150 kg of weight. This makes it the most powerful smart luggage in the market. The body is made up of ABS plastic ensuring extended durability and longevity.


This is smart luggage can be controlled via mobile remote (mobile app). Using the mobile app, not only can you adjust its speed but can also track its movement.

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GKBMSP Smart Cabin Luggage from £1,282.99

GKBMSP is a premium smart cabin luggage capable of not only auto-following its owner but also carrying them. Yes, you heard it right! The smart luggage is capable of withstanding 90 kg of weight (including the weight of luggage itself) and can accommodate 29.3 L.


Thanks to its unique feature, it offers design quite unique for luggage. On one side, it has a handle that users can use to settle them on the luggage comfortably. On the front wheel, you will find footrest necessary for a comfortable ride.

Build quality

The whole body is made up of PC + ABS plastic material. It features a three-layer compression structure. Not only making it study look but also making it capable of withstanding 90 kg of weight. The front wheel is supported by an aluminium alloy frame. The rear wheel that has a diameter of 8 inches features is inflatable.


GKBMSP uses advanced technology to automatically follow the owners. Thanks to its removal battery pack, you can easily extend its range without needing to recharge it while travelling.

It also features an integrated mobile charging station. Very handy to charge your tablet, smartphones, or any other electronic devices.

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Lixibei Cabin Luggage from £795.99

Priced at £795.99, this is the suitcase is definitely among some of the costliest and luxurious smart suitcase options available in the market today.

Currently available in a single colour (silver), this is smart luggage features look similar to Airwheel. At the bottom, it features four wheels along with a single wheel drive facilitating auto follow-up feature.

The top of the suitcase features a keypad and a mechanical lock offering dual security to the essentials included within the baggage.

Build Quality

At this price, when will definitely expect a superior quality material which looks both appealing and sturdy. Thankfully, Lixibei doesn’t disappoint either. You’ll find the whole body is built up of high-quality ABS plastic material. This gives the product a study look. The front of the suitcase is made up of high-quality fabric. This gives it much-needed flexibility. Perfect for unzipping and folding it so you can put in your stuff inside the suitcase.


Lixibei is controlled via a mobile app. Featuring a SR5 and an intelligent alarm system. It notifies the user automatically whenever the suitcase realizes that it is far beyond the safe distance.

This great suitcase also has an intelligent obstacle avoidance system. This makes it more than capable of travelling autonomously without causing any difficulty to any other bystanders.

The intelligent sensors installed within the suitcase continually monitor the surrounding. Analyzing in real-time for any type of obstacle, whether it be any object or people.

Lixibei comes included with the wristband. This will vibrate to remind the user that the signal with the suitcase has been lost.

Capacity and Range

The Lixibei is powered by 65 W battery. On a good day, it takes around 13 ~ 15 hours to recharge completely. Once recharged, it offers a range of up to 5 km.

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Airwheel Cabin Luggage from £579.00

Airwheel SR5 is a fully automated, mobile remote-controlled suitcase. Controlled and monitored with the help of a mobile app.

Once you have installed the mobile app, all you have to do is connect it to your smart luggage using Bluetooth. Then Airwheel SR5 uses the advanced dual-wheel drive to follow you no matter where you go.


Airwheel SR5 features a unique, distinctive design that looks both attractive and futuristic. Currently available in two different colour options (black and silver). This smart luggage will definitely turn heads while you are walking down the terminal to catch a flight.

Build quality

Airwheel SR5 is made up of high-quality, defendant plastic. Great for extended longevity without sacrificing on a style and attractiveness.

On the bottom, it has four wheels facilitating easy movement. With dual drive wheels, powered by a 40-watt battery to facilitate automated follow-up movement.


The smart luggage Smart suitcase features many advanced technologies such as an intelligent alarm system. This will automatically warns the user’s when the user is far away from the luggage.

It also has an intelligent obstacle avoidance system. This ensures that your luggage doesn’t hit any object or any person while it is following you through your journey.

The smart luggage SR5 utilizes UWV and various other sensors to continually monitor the surrounding. This is essential for avoiding bumping into obstacles and people. The integrated will reveal designed to adapt to different surface conditions. This includes asphalt road, airport conveyor belts, marble, carpets, tiles, etc.

Powered by a removable lithium-ion battery which provides the luggage with 40 W of power. Necessary for running the drive, the integrated chips as well as other essential sensors.

Capacity and Range

Airwheel smart Luggage SR5 has a maximum operative will range of 5 km. Getting it up to full power around 13 hours. The battery provided is detachable, and you can also purchase additional batteries. As for the luggage capacity, Airwheel offers 30 L of volume, which might not be sufficient for adults’ travel needs.

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