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A Closer Look at the TRTL Travel Pillow

A travel pillow that delivers absolute comfort is essential for those long trips.

Frequent travellers are often on the lookout for a travel pillow that provides optimal neck and chin support.

Travel pillows are much smaller than standard pillows. They’re also very lightweight, making them easy to store and use between destinations.

Who Makes Trtl Pillow Plus?

The trtl (which is pronounced as a turtle) is engineered in Great Britain by Michael Corrigan and David Kellock. Who are the owners and founders of CoolSide limited. Having a first-hand experience of how uncomfortable long journeys (especially flights) can be, they came up with an idea to create a product that could offer its users ultimate comfortability regardless of how long the journey is. 

The official website says, “sleep sets the foundation to be able to experience more,”. Essentially meaning that they consider trtl as an essential and trustworthy napparatus.

Apart from the trtl pillows, they also offer their customers with gentle compression socks named trtl Flight Socks.

The Common Issue with Current Travel Pillows and How Trtl Pillow Plus Fixes Them

Travellers the world over have always abhorred the current availability and offerings from travel pillow companies.

Usually, whenever you try to search for a travel pillow, you will either find a U-shaped neck rest or air inflatable flocking cushion. Neither of them is a comfortable choice for long travel.

TTRL Travel Pillow Image

Apart from being uncomfortable, they are also bulky, making them hard to carry. Moreover, most of them are not adaptable to everyone’s need. That’s the reason why most travellers detest from using them.

But these are not even the real issue. While travelling (especially in-flight) you have to sleep upright, and none of the available travel pillows in the market is designed or built to address this very specific issue.

Commonly available travel pillows are not designed to support users’ neck and back. No matter how costly your pillow is, you will always feel discomfort behind the neck. And no matter how much you set them, by the end of the flight, you will always find your back strained and hard to move.

Thankfully Trtl Pillow Plus addresses all these issues owing to its unique design, flexible and lightweight material, high-quality fabric. Most importantly adaptable structure.

Trtl Pillow Plus Review

The moment you think that you have finally found your sleeping companion for travelling, every major brand announces that they are soon releasing their completely redesigned product lineup. And the same is true for Trtl Pillow.

Trtl Pillows (previous iteration of the Plus model) already featured a very minimalistic yet comfortable design. Not only ensured neck safety but also offered the much-needed comfortability even on the longest flights.

So, the question now is what they have changed in their “plus” model and is these changes? Is it significant enough to pursue new and old customers by this new variant?

That’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this Trtl Pillow Plus review today.

Overall Design of the Travel Pillow

Unlike the traditional U-shaped mold that you will usually find in any typical neck pillow, Trtl Pillow Plus looks more like a scarf than a travelling pillow.

This carefully crafted engineered travel pillow consists of extremely soft and breathable fleece. It can be wrapped around your just neck the help of Velcro.

Now you might be wondering if there is no support and how will it be able to support your neck. Well, it does have a support frame.

Unlike a u-shaped rigid frame, it features a flexible neck support frame that can automatically adjust to any users’ neck, head, and jaw contours. Offering them unbeatable comfortability without sacrificing a bit on the design.

Build Quality

This travel pillow is composed of a unique scarf-like wrap, which is then secured with the help of a Velcro strap. Moreover, to offer extended comfortability, it is composed of fleece, which is not only breathable but also has a supporting nature.

Fleece is globally known for in the fashion industry as a comfortable and soft fabric. When you wrap around the Trtl pillow, it buffers both your neck and head with the help of the interior support structure.

The Trtl inner support structure is composed of high-quality plastic. This makes it extensively elastic. This helps in making the whole product adaptable to anyone’s neck and jaw structure.

In fact, it’s so flexible that you can flatten it approximately 50% compared to its original form. Which essentially means that you can even carry it in your handbag. 

Trtl pillow is designed and developed in such a way that it can be easily wrapped around your neck. And the plastic support, which is enclosed within the scarf-like wrap provides the much-needed support to your head, chin and neck so you can feel relaxed and doze off.

Because of the build material, the product itself is quite lightweight; thus, it doesn’t add up any extra weight on your shoulders or neck and thus helps you to relax comfortably against the uncomfortable seat headrest.

Heat Regulator Travel Pillow

The pillow is held in its position with the help of the Velcro strip. Which by the way, comes with a long connection point giving you the ability to adjust the pillow in whatever position you want.

Moreover, removing the supporting brace is also a breeze. All you have to do is unstrap the small pouch containing the brace, and Trtl pillow plus is all set for cleaning or washing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Trtl Pillow Plus


1. The vertical neck and head support offer sufficient rigidity and flexibility for a comfortable journey. 

2. It’s easy to clean. All you have to do is remove the support brace, and the support pillow is all set for cleaning. 

3. Provided Velcro strip helps to set the pillow in the required angle and position.

4. The fabric is top-notch, offering a smooth and soft texture.

5. It’s very affordable, especially when considering the alternatives available in the market.


1. Even though the material is breathable, you might feel hot and even sweaty after extended wear.


If you feel that traditional travel pillows aren’t up to your requirement, Trtl Pillow Plus is all you need. Not only it offers a comfortable design that can easily adapt to anyone’s facial structure and neck but is also super easy to carry along. 

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