Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Gmjay Robot Vacuum with a £5K+ Price Tag!

Review of Most Expensive Robot Vacuum Cleaner

OK, so come on, who doesn’t want a robot vacuum cleaner? In our endless quest for a home with operating room levels of cleanliness, we’ve all squandered away a significant portion of our lives pushing and pulling these loud, sometimes ineffectual machines around our homes for too long…

If only there were a better way!

Well, of course, robots are a better option for this type of drudgery, and the Gmjay company has been working to end the vacuuming time suck for over a decade now with this high price tag robot vacuum cleaner.

Today in this review, we will discuss the features of the Gmjay robot vacuum cleaner and assess if it is really worth the money!

What’s Inside the Gmjay Box?

People who want to know what comes in the box, well, here we go. You get quite a bit when you open it up, including paperwork and QuickStart guides if you need them. They also include the wet mop attachment with the filter, and yes, this can both do wet and dry vacuuming, which is a huge bonus.

They provide two microfiber cloth attachments that can be cleaned and reused. It’s really easy to apply and remove with Velcro. You get the vacuum itself. You get the base for charging along with the plastic circular based attachments, so if you use the wet mop when the vacuum returns home, it won’t get your base area floor wet, and finally, you get a washable HEPA filter and also the power cord.

The Review

The robot vacuum cleaner we are going to review today is from Gmjay. Gmjay Robot vacuum Cleaner is their latest evolution of the autonomous overgrown Gmjay ultrathin form factor.

This robot vacuum cleaner features some upgraded tech that you might not find on other counterparts on the market and works via an easy to use app on your iPhone or Android device.

It also comes included with a remote control which you can use to configure or modify the predefined settings. Using the app, you can set up the vacuum bot’s schedule and tasks from pretty much anywhere and track its performance.

However, it won’t talk back to you through app notifications. So, if it ends up vacuuming up some drapes your new shoes or otherwise becomes stuck, you’re not going to know about it until you get home, and then you may have to vacuum the old-fashioned way. But don’t worry, you can also tell the Gmjay robot vacuum cleaner to clean up again by pushing this clean button on top.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the app as a remote control and run the vacuum like a drone or RC car. Having the Gmjay vacuum on its own while you’re away is ideal anyway because, despite its small size, this robot vacuum cleaner makes a fair bit of racket while it’s working, so don’t expect your cat to ride around on it.

And speaking of pets with hair, the Gmjay did do an effective job of gathering pet hair in our tests. For some other substances like flour and rice, it did OK but fell short of some of its competitors.

The side little spinning brush helps clean along walls and other challenging spots. Another thing the Gmjay does well is tracking its route and location using the integrated camera on the top. Using the room map, this robot vacuum cleaner constantly refines its route upping efficiency. It also reduces how long it’s out there working before it automatically staggers back to its charging dock.

Essential Features

Distance Sensor

The first thing I want to talk about is the sensors on the Gmjay and how they make a real difference. On the top, there is a laser distance sensor that detects any type of collision. If you’ve used any type of robot vacuum, then you know how annoying that is when it gets stuck underneath the couch or in another piece of furniture.

You wake up the next morning. The job wasn’t completed. Then what’s the point of a robot vacuum?

Well, that’s not something that you will have to worry about if you have a Gmjay Robot vacuum cleaner at your home.


The wheels are nice and large and can easily clear any type of carpet and rugs at home with no issue. Even on shag pile carpets.

The wheels feature grooved rubber padding to improve traction and give Gmjay superior cleaning capability.


There is one spinning brush on the right-hand side with three buttons at the top. The middle one to start cleaning the second one is spot clean and the third one to return home. The main brush on the bottom is really easy to remove and clean. There’s even a tool tucked away in the front. And I also love the fact that the dustbin is in the front makes it really easy to remove.

Remote Control

Unlike many other robot vacuum cleaners in the market, Gmjay comes included with remote control. You can then use it to control various predefined settings. Remote consists of seven other buttons giving you the ability to control the direction, timer, etc.

Design and Build Quality

Gmjay has a robust and elegant design. However, does not meet the expectations that you would expect from a product worth more than £5,000. It is available in four different colors, including the typical black and white as well as red and gold.


Gmjay features a powerful 2200 mA battery. According to the official documentation, requires 3 to 4 hours to get completely recharged. After being 100% charged, the battery is more than capable of handling 120+ minutes of cleaning at maximum speed.


Gmjay offers superior cleaning with intelligent sensors. It has large wheels. And, a battery powerful enough to help you and your family cut down on their cleaning times.


The goal of this robot vacuum cleaners is very simple. It’s to vacuum your house without having to manually do it yourself. Leaving you with more time to focus on more important things. Now, this is not the first robot vacuum to hit the market. Other competitors such as iRobot, have been around for quite some time. So the big question is the Gmjay the best one, and is it actually worth it? Well, it better be because it costs £5k+.