Furbo Dog Pet Camera

A Dogs Best Friend Furbo Clever Dog Camera Review – Woof!

This clever dog camera from Furbo is certainly the most popular. But is it the best? With a price tag of £189.00 from Amazon are you barking mad to part with your money? We take a look.

Furbo clever dog camera

This feature-rich dog camera has been designed to meet needs specific to dogs and dog owners. Whether it’s a treat launcher. Two-Way audio. Or a video camera with integrated support for infrared night vision, behavioural-based notification alerts. Each of its included features is meant to give pet owners their peace of mind.

For every pet owner who suffers from separation anxiety. Especially when they leave their beloved pet at home, this dog camera is a must.

Featuring lightweight design combined with the sturdy build quality. This feature-rich but expensive Wi-Fi compatible gadget will definitely make an impressive addition to your home.

What Is the Reason behind the Development of Furbo Clever Dog Camera?

Furbo, as a customer-oriented company. They understand the feelings shared by both humans and dogs when they are confronted with the possibility of separation. Separation anxiety, which is experienced by pet owners and pets, is undeniably an academic, and Furbo vowed to cure it.

To pursue their dream, they collaborated with many animal behaviour analysts and pet owners to conduct a series of studies. They concluded that separation anxiety is a two-way street.

From their analysis, they came to the conclusion that 30 to 40% of pets suffered from behavioural disorders. 

When separated, both pet owners and pets experience an outburst of emotional distress. And this was the main reason behind a series of behavioural disorder issues.

The ambivalence of what pets do in the absence of their pet owners has driven the pet industry across the world to be more creative as well as understanding.

Why Is Furbo So Popular?

Furbo, which costs around £189.00. It is recognized globally as one of the best interactive cameras for both pet owners and pets in the world. Not only does this clever dog camera function as a two-way communication channel. It is also a perfect treat dispenser as well as a pet training device.

Thanks to its features, elegant design, and sturdy build quality, it has been featured on various international publishing platforms. Including the Huffington Post, popular mechanics, the New York Times, TechCrunch, etc.

One of the Best!

Priced at £189.00. It is recognized globally as one of the best interactive cameras for both pet owners and pets in the world. Not only does it function as a two-way communication channel, but it is also a perfect treat dispenser. Making it a great pet training device.

What truly distinguishes Furbo from any other competitors in the market is the fact that they have successfully nurtured an idea into a real-world, useful product that has successfully satisfied thousands of customers by keeping them connected with their beloved pets.

Moreover, this interactive dog camera gives its users the much-needed opportunity to improve maintain and further deepen their relationship with their pets.

Furbo is essentially a pet sitter. It helps you to be in control without having a pet sitterr in your home to monitor your pets.


The Furbo dog camera as the name sounds is designed and built specifically for dogs. It features many advantages, including the availability of blue light, which turns on automatically when the camera is being used.

Now you might ask why the only blue light? Well, because it’s one of those colours that dogs can see clearly. The lid of the container is made up of a bamboo frame. Splashproof and also durable, ensuring the contents are well safe in the event your pets become a bit more excited. 

However, when it comes to deciding where to place it, Furbo does seem to have some disadvantages. It is usually recommended that you place this dog camera anywhere 15 to 20 inches above the ground. Depending on your pet’s height.

The Setup Process

The setup process is surreal. It literally takes you anywhere between 3 to 5 minutes to set it up completely. After that, everything is automated and can be controlled directly from your smartphone.

If you are facing issues setting up your Furbo. Follow the steps enlisted below to get started with this awesome gadget in no time:

1. First, you need to plug-in Furbo to the powerpoint using the power cord included within the package. When plugged in, the front-facing light will turn green, signifying that the device is ready for the next step. 

2. Now you need to download the Furbo app on your device. If you have an android smartphone, you will have to visit the play store to download the app. If you have an Apple device, you will have to visit the app store from within your device to download the app. Stay assured that the app is available for free and takes just one tap to install it.

3. Once installed, you need to launch the app and search for the nearby Furbo device. The app will automatically scan your nearby surroundings and connect to the device utilizing Bluetooth connectivity. 

4. That it! Now you are all set to enjoy the whole feature set of this gadget.

Special features

Furbo is undoubtedly a great dog camera which comes included with treat tossing feature. As Furbo is an Internet access device, it offers apps for both iOS and Android devices.

It offers two-way audio as well as video feed helping both pets and pet owners stay connected. The included treat dispenser is spill-proof, ensuring the contents are kept safe even when your pets get excited. 

Pay to Play

This is one of the unique features that you can find only in Furbo. This AI-powered notification-based feature is something that truly sets Furbo way ahead than any other competitor in the market.

Utilizing this feature, Furbo sends a real-time notification to the pet owners whenever it recognizes any movement or barking.

Recent updates to the application now include a dog as well as home emergency alerts. Upgrading Furbo from just being a dog camera to a complete home monitoring device.

Video Quality

Clever Dog Camera Furbo

Based on how fast your Internet connectivity is, you have the option to customize the video feed quality.

You can choose from 360p, 720p, and full high definition 1080p resolution. Even when the room has no light or low light, Furbo dog camera can capture high quality, sharp images. As well as videos utilizing its infrared LED night vision technology.


Priced at around £189.00, many pet owners believe that clever dog camera by Furbo is a luxury and not a necessity. If you are one among those pet owners who suffer from separation anxiety, then you will not find a single device like Furbo.