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Beats Wireless Headphones. Review of the Solo 3

Beats Wireless Headphones On-Ear Solo3 Review

And the beat goes on with these Beats wireless headphones!

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We all crave stylish hip headphones that can provide us with crystal clear music.

Gone are the days when you have endless bits of wire attached to your headphones or speakers. And, where you have to plug yourself into some stationery machine with no freedom of movement.

Likewise, no more do we have our headphone music drowned out by external sounds. All thanks to the noise-cancelling capabilities some headphone brands can generate.  

But whether you should go for the in-ear or over-ear headphones is a no brainer when it comes to quality and brand.

So, if it’s over-the-ear headphones you hanker after, then you’ll want to consider the classy brand of Beats.

Top of the Range Wireless Headphones

In particular, check out the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear headphones, for the ultimate in top over-ear headphone experience!

Beats Wireless Side View

These fantastic headphones block out all sounds.

Known as Pure ANC, there are two internal microphones within the headphones. These monitor and adapt to environmental sounds thousands of times per second.

This fantastic feature continuously adjusts its frequency to match the sound of your environment, which makes it versatile.

So now, you can literally get your music back on track by having the coolest headphones on the market.

Without becoming too technical, they are known as ‘Beats’ because when two sound waves of different frequencies enter your ear, they create an interference. This causes the sound to be both soft and then loud, which is known as a ‘beat.’

Clever, eh?

The Beats Brand

Created by Dr. Dre, the hip-hop legend, and music producer Jimmy Lovine, in 2008. This fantastic audio brand has radically transformed the way we listen to music.

Beats, as a brand has come a long way. Now that they are owned by Apple, they are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac User. This obviously makes life very easy if you want to sync your music.

The wireless connection using the headphone is excellent. The Apple W1 chip makes it really easy to switch between your Apple devices.

To ensure you get maximum clarity, breadth, and balance of your acoustics, you need to ensure you get only the highest-quality headphones and Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear headphones offer that.

Excellent Battery Life

What’s different about the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear headphones as opposed to previous Beats, is not the look but what’s going on inside…

This is reputedly the best battery life of all Bluetooth headphones!

The 40-hour battery life from a single charge can last you for a whole weeks’ worth of to-ing and fro-ing from work on your commute in between recharging.

The Solo3 uses Apple’s new W1 custom Bluetooth chip, which dramatically improves battery life.

Alternatively, you can use Beats’ Fast Fuel feature. This is a superfast 5-minute charge which can provide 3 hours of playback.

It’s all about that bass, about that bass…

Another negative some have of Beats is that there is too much bass in the headphones…

There is a strong bass profile, but to be honest, whether it’s too boomy is up to individual tastes.

But can there ever really be too much bass?

Basically, the Beats software tweaks the frequencies for your benefit and helps create a unique bass sound.

A superior sound.

Design & Build

And some feel that the design is perhaps a little too flimsy – all style and no substance cry some.

But its unique look is undoubtedly what makes the Beats’ own original style and individuality.

Put it like this, lots of famous celebrities are happy to openly support, promote and wear the Beats’ brand. They don’t complain about the flimsiness or the overbearing bass, so Beats must surely be doing something right?

Beats Solo3

The Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear headphones’ industrial design and look is what makes Beats famous and instantly brand recognizable.

There are on-ear cushioned cups that are adjustable, so you can listen for as long as you like.

The ear cushions are also incredibly soft and cool-looking. There is ample padding in the headband and there’s no pressure put on the skull.

So, it’s an excellent snug fit. Your ear is encapsulated inside the ear cup, and they can stay comfortably on your head, even if running!

There’s a remote control built into the right ear cup that’s easy to operate by touch. This allows you to make skip tracks, change volume, and accept phone calls, which are of decent quality.

The hands-free Siri integration is an added bonus.

Beats Wireless Headphones – Solo3 Summary

Some people claim that Beats are outrageously overpriced. And, although it is true, they are expensive, we all accept you have to pay for top-quality.

So, if you want a set of earphones that have decent noise-cancelling technology, then look no further.

Looking great in a cool matte finish with a choice of up to at least nine colours. These Beats Solo3 Wireless appeals to a wide range of customers – young and old.

So, whether you want a blingy gold, a girlie rose gold or a cool matte black, there’s a Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphone colour to suit everyone’s taste and personality.

These Beats fold neatly away in a neat little bag, which represents the ultimate in trendiness.

Overall if you require over-the-ear headphones that produce a punchy sound with an excellent wireless connection, then you can’t go far wrong with the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones.

These Beats wireless headphones may not be the cheapest headphones in the marketplace. But if you want serious music time, supreme sophistication with headphones that make a statement, then these should be the headphones for those of you who take your music seriously.