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Things to Consider Before You Buy the Latest Apple Watch

Latest Apple Watch Series 4. Nine Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing It.

Today, it is obvious that we have the computer and Internet access everywhere and for everything, including your desk, your pocket, and even your wrist. For your office, you have laptops and desktop computers. For your pocket, you have smartphones and, surprisingly, some of the latest smartphones have a more powerful hardware configuration than some low-budget laptops.

But what do we have for the wrist? This is where Apple Watch (and many other smartwatches) comes in. April 24, 2015 was the day Apple announced its first Smartwatch and named it the Apple Watch. Since its inception, Apple Watch has come a long way and implemented many new features to adapt to the ever-changing technological world and to satisfy its customers.

The latest generation of this Smartwatch is called Apple Watch Series 4 and was launched in September 2018. With more than 40 million units sold to date, its popularity can be attributed to Apple’s marketing efforts; it’s incredibly dedicated fan base and the quality of the hardware this Smartwatch has to offer you.

If you haven’t jumped on the Apple Watch bandwagon yet and if you are wondering if you should do it, here are nine things you need to know about Apple Watch so you can make an informed purchase decision:

Apple Watch Brown Strap Series 4

1. 18-Hour Battery Life with Latest Apple Watch

You can expect the battery in the watch to last for at least 18 hours on a single overnight charge. The battery life can be either good or bad, depending on how you feel about this. Still, you can expect it to last at least throughout the day as you get some work done and you will still get home with some power remaining. You can find various tips and tricks for extending the battery life online.

2. Make Phone Calls & Send Text Messages on the Go

The basic messaging and phone features built-in, which is something quite remarkable. It is quite convenient, especially if you have one of the larger iPhone models that you usually leave in your pocket, bag, or on a table. If a call or text message comes in, you simply glance at your wrist rather than scrambling for your phone.

For short replies or conversations, you can text or talk right from the Apple Watch. For longer communications, you can start on the watch and transition smoothly to the phone or simply grab the phone to see who is calling and use your Apple Watch to message the caller back. You can even handwrite or dictate short messages on your Apple Watch, which makes it an effective tool for communicating effectively on the go.

3. Fitness Tracking

Apple has built-in fitness trackers similar to the ones found on standalone fitness tracking devices such as the FitBit.

The latest Apple Watch features a GPS and upgraded heart-rate monitor among various other features that automatically track all the basics, which includes moving around, standing, exercise, stairs climbed, and steps taken that make it a compelling exercise and wellness companion.

Heart Rate Monitor

4. Customizable Watch Faces

The face of the Apple Watch is customizable with a plethora of colors and details to fit your mood. You can even change the settings and style of many of the watch faces with different types of fonts as well as other aesthetics. With the Apple Watch, you can choose a theme that works for you and matches your personality as well as outfit.

5. Making Payments

Apple Watch even allows you to make payments via Apple Pay. Instead of the need to reach for your iPhone or wallet, just press a button on the Apple Watch, hold it close to the payment terminal, and you are done.

The great thing about using your Apple Watch to make payments is that it is always on your wrist, which means that you don’t have to reveal your personal information or card number and once it loses contact with your skin, it shuts off, which means that nobody else can use it.

6. Remote Controller

The Apple Watch lets you control your Apple TV. It also allows you to access the camera on your iPhone remotely, and thanks to HomeKit and Siri integration, you can even use it to control the lights, blinds, thermometer, fans, and other connected devices in your home.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. It not only means that you never have to get up to turn off the lights but also never having to reach for your iPhone. You can adjust virtually anything in your setup, right from your wrist.

Apple TV

7. Non-Intrusive Notifications

The Apple Watch delivers notifications from your iPhone in a non-intrusive way. In this way, it means that nobody else besides yourself will know once a notification arrives. When it comes to message notifications, you can swipe to read and respond.

8. Significant Drop in Resale Value

The watch isn’t a mechanical watch, and it isn’t a limited edition or rare collectible timepiece. It is a piece of technology that will be replaced when a newer version makes its debut. You can expect the resale value of your watch to drop significantly within one year. Simply put, you should avoid buying the watch as an investment but rather as a good accessory for your iPhone.

9. You Have to Buy into the Apple Ecosystem

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The Apple Watch requires you to own an iPhone, but what many people are not aware of is that it also ensures that you remain an Apple customer forever. It pushes you further into the Apple ecosystem.

To get the full Apple Watch experience, you will be required to invest in various Apple services and devices even if you don’t want to.

Final Thoughts If you are thinking about one, you need to keep the nine things discussed here in mind.

The Apple iPhone Watch is still an excellent buy today despite its shortcomings, and it is still as popular as ever. Try it today and enjoy access to the massive ecosystem of features and apps Apple has to offer.