Review Of The Best 5 Power Banks for 2020

We know that not all power banks are the same so we have selected the top brands to review and help you decide which one is for you.

Sleeki – Power Bank with Qi Wireless + Built-in Cables

Sleeki Power Banks

One of the top upcoming power banks to take the UK by storm is the all-new Sleeki. Well, we would say that seeing as it’s our very own!

The Power bank from Sleeki has great features that make it stand out from its competitors.

One of the first unique assets is that it has built-in cables. One of the annoying things with other adaptors or power banks is the cables you need to keep in your laptop bag. 

The Sleeki gets around this by tucking them away in and you will find two cable types one for iPhone users and the other for Android use. You also have the ability to connect your own cables using the integrated USB port.

There is even a Type C interface converter hidden within the power bank itself which allows you to connect to even more types of devices.

Using QI technology, the Sleeki also offers wireless charging. All that is needed is to place your device near the charger for charging to take place. It has an impressive 10000 mAh to ensure long-lasting charges.

Also coming in at only 230 grams this little beauty is light to carry and has a handy LED indicator to let you know how charging is going.

You can purchase our power bank for the discounted price of £29.99


iMuto & Rav Power Bank

iMuto Rav Power Bank

If you are looking for a power bank that has a large charging capacity then the mighty iMuto might do it for you.

This robust charger can give you an impressive 20,000 mAH which means you can charge your iPhone over 4 times and still have a little left in the tank.

Another charger offering the same power blast is the RAVPower.

It is a little slimmer than its iMuto rival but has two power ports so you can charge two devices at the same time.

Anker Powercore 1000

Anker Powercore 1000

Anker is one of the top brands synonymous with power chargers and power banks.

The Powercore 1000 has access to a full-speed 18W charge when using USB-C. 

It has a total power output of 28W making it ok to charge even your iPad.

The Anker unit works with the full range of  USB-C and USB-A devices.

With over 30 million users across the globe, Anker is a power charger you can trust and use with confidence.


Mophie Powerstation

Another brand leader in the market of power banks and adaptors is Morphie.

Morphie is a trusted name in battery technology.

The Morphie PowerStation has a whopping 22,000 mAh yet still only weighs in at a handy 758 grams.

 The large capacity gives you the power of up to 100 hours for your smartphone, 21 hours for your tablet and 15 hours for your laptop.

A USB Type C and Type A port are found on the front of the power bank. 

The type-A port supports a quick 2.4A for a quick charge. The type C port can charge mobile devices up to 30W.

As in other Mophie chargers, there is a bank of LED’s to let you know the battery status. There are also all the cables you need included in the box.

Unusually the power bank comes covered in a grey fabric material to give it that chic feel but also comes in handy to protect the battery pack when bumping against other items in your bag.

RAVPower Solar Charger 20000mAh 

If you are the outdoor type and prefer hiking to sofa surfing then a solar-powered charger might be ideal for your backpack.

Being lightweight and easy to fold away the Rav Power charger will fit right into your list of must-haves on the mountain.

The 24W solar panels are renowned as some of the best solar panels on the market when it comes to power chargers.

They convert up to 24% of the solar power available into re-usable energy and can deliver up to 2.4 A to your device that needs a charge.

The Rav can also accommodate up to three devices at once through its USB charging ports. It will also work in practically any sunny environment, even extreme heat which is where some other models can fall down.