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Bushnell Neo Ghost Golf GPS. Alternative for UK Buyers

The Bushnell Neo Ghost is not Available to Buy in the UK. We Look at the Next Best Thing!

If you’ve been searching for the Bushnell neo ghost you’ll notice that for UK customers, this has been updated for the new Phantom. So, for all you pro and amateur golfers. This golf GPS is one of the golfing gadgets that can enhance your game entirely.


Every golfer knows that playing for a position is imperative.

That it’s not about which player hits the ball the farthest. But which one of you reaches the hole in the least number of shots.

With the use of this updated golfing GPS, you can become more of a strategic player as you can see the whole golf course with a bird’s eye view.


Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS black

The Phantom golfing GPS is a global positioning device that helps you navigate the golf course as well as help you record and save your golf scores and statistics.

The GPS system can show you a satellite aerial imagery that can show you the whole green, its distances, and hazards.

The GPS screen will display your overall scores, distances, and time.

By knowing your exact location on the golf course and therefore being able to calculate the distance of your ball to the centre of the green. It becomes a no-brainer when it comes to deciding which golf clubs to choose from.

Most GPS devices come armed with a short-distance feature. This enables you to calculate how far you need to hit with your club. The Phantom is no exception.

The Days of Guesswork are Over

Players have found that by using this golf GPS, they can lower their scores and become serious golf contenders.

There are various styles of golf GPS – a wristwatch, smartphone apps, and handheld, and every golf GPS works slightly differently.

You, therefore, have to decide what type of golf GPS would suit your individual preferences. However, we think that this handy little GPS from Bushnell is certainly worth a look.

Phantom Golf GPS from Bushnell

All the big golf brands have GPS devices, but Bushell is probably the best when it comes to distance-measuring handheld devices…

One of the most popular for a number of apparent reasons once you get your hands on it is the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS. This is a no-messing around golfing gadget that is designed to help you make your game more accurate.

This is a small, user-friendly GPS package that is designed to be a simple, easy-to-use distance measuring device.

The Phantom is pre-loaded with 36,000+ courses in more than 30 countries, and it can instantly recognize its pre-loaded courses.

And it has easy-to-read front/centre/back distances and up to 4 hazard distances per hole.

The Phantom has a cool ‘Bite’ magnet and clip on the back of the GPS. This connects to anything metal on your bag, trolley or cart, or on your coat, belt, hat, etc.

This magnet is pretty powerful yet easy to detach from the clip so you can see the yardage distance on the screen quickly without slowing you down.

It also lets you orientate the screen to whichever way suits you on the clip making it mega user-friendly!

phantom golf gps rear image

The Actual Usage of the Phantom is More Straightforward than the Bushnell Neo Ghost

Just turn it on, and within about 30 seconds, it has sourced the courses near to you, and then you can select the one you want.


You are shown the middle of the green yardage in the Phantom’s significant, bold figures and the front and back distances below.

It’s clear, and neat display screen makes it a hugely popular GPS device as it is so easy to use.

The Phantom GPS has an auto hole advance feature. This automatically changes from one hole to the next, so you don’t have to keep your finger on the button round the course.

There is also a shot measurement option for those of you keen enough to want to measure your drives or approaches.

Downsides to the Bushnell Phantom Golf GPS

Like any bit of additional equipment, there are a few downsides to the Bushnell Phantom…

The magnet can get brushed off if knocked by accident. So as long as you place it in a sensible place when you’re on the move, it should be fine.

Something that is also seen as a bit odd is that you need to pair the Phantom GPS with the free Bushnell app. This is so you can get full access to the entire GPS maps on your phone if you want to see where the hazards on the course are.

But it is a free added extra, but the Phantom GPS only shows numbers, so if it’s visuals you want, then you need to go for this free add-on.

The Positives…

The app provides fantastic graphics and technology, which is a must if you want to enhance your game.

As it has Bluetooth for reading wireless course updates, there’s no need for you to sync your device with a computer to update. Bluetooth allows connection to the Bushell App.

bushnell neo ghost colours

It also has a swing pro feature that allows you to analyze your swing speed and tempo as well as a pedometer that tracks your daily step count and your average speed, pace, and distance when you’re walking the course.

Pairing the GPS device with the app is extremely straightforward and brings you an outstanding number of additional features.

GPS’ are usually terrible for their short battery life. However, the Phantom can easily cover the 36 holes without having to be recharged.

If you want to be able to see every shot and find every hazard, then the Phantom’s calculator is just what you need.

Overall, the Phantom is a stylish bit of golfing kit. It’s seen as one of the best golf GPS devices on the market.

Available in black, red, electric blue, and neon yellow – it’s hard to miss, regardless of its small size!

In Summary

It’s value for money, portable and easy to slip into your pocket and its Bite magnet makes it extremely versatile.

If you are after a neat and compact little GPS device that can provide critical yardage, then you should look no further than the Bushell’s Phantom Golf GPS.

So, to take your golfing game to the next level. Have a look at Bushell’s Phantom GPS – a great alternative to the Bushnell Neo Ghost.

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