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The Best Coffee Gadgets… For Serious Coffee Drinkers Only!

For all you coffee lovers we take a look at the best coffee gadgets. And while there are some people who drink coffee, there are some who love coffee.

If you are or know someone who is in the latter category, then you will definitely want to stick with us till the very end as today in this listicle.

I’ll share with you a shortlist of some of the best coffee gadgets for dedicated coffee lovers. These gadgets are perfect for any occasion, Christmas, marriage, anniversary, name it.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. 720° PleasureToGo Leakproof, Stainless Steel, Insulated Flask

The first in this list is an insulated waterproof stainless-steel flask. It is a perfect companion gadget for every coffee lover.

Coffee is for many people is the only way to escape from day-to-day stress, workload, and office politics.

So, it’s always a good idea to get a coffee from Starbucks or any other independent establishment so you can maintain your cool and carry on with your daily task.

Unfortunately, your addiction and a regular trip to the coffee shop can quickly mount up your weekly coffee bill. Besides, it is not always necessary for quality coffee like Starbucks to be available near your workplace. So your options are generally very limited.

But the question is, why would you want to waste your hard-earned money on “premium,” “quality,” “branded” coffee chains like  Costa? When you can make yourself a perfect cup of coffee at home, exactly like you desire. And you can take it along with you wherever you want.

This is exactly the freedom that PleasureToGo Leakproof offers you. Not only this, for 450 mL liquid storage unit will keep your coffee warm for hours, but thanks to its vacuum seal, it’s also 100% leakproof.

So, from £19.97 (in black), you get a stylish looking, easy to carry, durable stainless-steel coffee or tea travel mug. What’s more?

It’s available in six custom colours, making it a perfect choice for individuals who are quite design conscious. The available colours range from the classic silver to striking red. And all colours embrace a minimalistic design. Making it a perfect companion for coffee lovers and a great addition to your daily carry bag.

But apart from the usual features, what really makes 720°DGREE PleasureToGo stainless steel insulated flask stand out among other counterparts is its 100% BPA free certification. Makking it far superior to the plastic flask that usually contaminates its contents with harmful chemicals.

Best Price for the 720°DGREE PleasureToGo


2. Wacaco Minipresso Portable Nespresso Machine

Coffee lovers – would you like to have an espresso machine that you can carry around with you to your office, for camping, or while travelling? Then one of these perfect coffee gadgets could be for you!

If that’s what you desire, the Wacaco Minipresso NS is the ultimate gadget for every coffee lover around the world. It’s an espresso machine on the go, which anyone can carry literally anywhere and can enjoy their sip of coffee. Without having to wait in the queue in front of the coffee shop.

Compatible with original Nespresso capsules and non-branded “Nespresso compatible” capsules, this machine is very easy to use. Simply add boiling water to the tank, then press the pump to increase the water pressure. Once the perfect extraction pressure is reached, the water is injected into the coffee adapter, creating the perfect espresso.

It’s one of the best gadgets for coffee lovers from afar, allowing people to enjoy high-quality coffee on the road. Why limit yourself to instant coffee when you can take your favourite blends with you?

Wacaco Minipresso is easy to use and maintain. The lid also serves as an espresso cup. And, there are a few optional options, including an expanded reservoir for longer espressos and a more durable protective case.

If you are an office employee who will keep this vial in a briefcase, the basic model will be perfect. If you are more interested in the life of the backpack, you may want to invest in the protective case.

The Nespresso machine is well made and should serve you well as long as you clean it properly between uses. It is clearly a “luxury” rather than a camping flask.

The drinks you prepare with this coffee marker are meant to be enjoyed immediately while they are still hot. They are short and strong coffees, rather than a longer americano. That said, it is a refreshing change to be able to enjoy a real freshly prepared espresso on the go.

Best Price for the Wacaco Minipresso

We searched high and low for the best price. So, if you’re a serious coffee drinker and want to always have your coffee at hand, you can pick one up here:


3. Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

Third up, on our coffee gadget must-haves is the Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug. The smart mug can keep your beverage warm for two hours. You don’t have to worry about having a cold cup of coffee while you are travelling or going to the office. Just pick up your beverage from a store, fill it in your Ember Smart Mug and go wherever you want to go. You can easily enjoy your hot beverage at the temperature you love to have it!

Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug

Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug is a rechargeable mug that can last for two hours. The highly advanced technology enables it to keep your coffee warm at whatever temperature you want.

The temperature can be adjusted between 50°C- 62.5°C. Once, you have set the temperature, the beverage will be warm at that temperature till you enjoy it. You can even control the temperature of your beverage with the help of your Smartphone or the Ember app.

The rechargeable feature of this smart mug is amazing because the battery life is too good which can keep your coffee warm for two hours. Also, you can easily get it to charge in 90 minutes by attaching the charger to the charging port.

Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug, 12 Ounce, 2-hr Battery Life, Black - App-Controlled Heated Coffee Travel Mug

You can enjoy Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug in two colours which are matte black and white. It may seem that a smart mug that can keep a beverage warm will be hot from outside when a person will hold it but that’s not the case in Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug. The mug is made up of stainless steel with a ceramic coating. The heat-resistant coating enables the users to hold it easily without the fear of burning their hands (that’s what all mugs are used for).

Cleanliness is very important and you can easily clean your Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug. The stainless steel allows cleaning it easily. There will be no stain left in the mug when you will wash it with dishwashing detergent and no smell of beverage left.

Best Price for the Ember Smart Mug

Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug can only be purchased from Ember Technologies or Amazon. The company provides a 1-year warranty along with a 30-day return policy in case you receive a wrong product or simply don’t like it!

Also, Ember Technologies don’t take responsibility for Ember Temperature-Control Smart Mug if you are purchasing it from a third party seller. We will suggest you purchase your Smart Mug directly from the company or Amazon.



These are some of the best, feature-rich, and durable gadgets for coffee enthusiasts that you can find online in Amazon and many other markets.

Three outstanding gadgets at three distinctive prices for convenience, long-lasting warmth, and luxury.