Dyson Airbalde Hand Dryer Black

Dyson Airblade Commercial Hand Dryer Review

The Dyson Airblade range are commercial standard hand dryers that provide all the power and efficiency that you need as a business. And, although we most often associate Dyson with vacuum cleaners they actually produce a wide range of products.

Dyson has been at the forefront of innovation in this area for some time now. Dyson is always looking to provide quality stainless steel products that are built to last and which do the job time and time again. 

Most of their Airblade produces come with a 5-year warranty. The key is picking the perfect system that suits your volume of traffic. 

Here we take a look at 3 Dyson Airblade models that may be just right for your washroom. 

1. Dyson Airblade AB11

You’ll find that one of the problems with many hand drying devices is that they are fitted away from the taps and sink. That means the user has to wash their hands and then walk to the dryer. Usually dripping water as they go. This can lead to floors getting slippery if there are many people using the washroom. 

Dyson Airblade AB11

One of the big benefits of the Dyson Airblade AB11 is that it is fitted directly into the tap system just above the sink. That means users don’t even have to move to dry their hands. Another benefit is that businesses don’t have to find extra wall space to install the hand dryer. 

Its design is pretty innovative. Two narrow vents on the tap mechanism blow air to dry the hands. The device uses a new Dyson digital motor. With this model, the air is filtered which makes it very hygienic and also prevent cross-contamination. It’s also non-touch. Which means you don’t need to turn a tap or press a button to get the hand dryer to work. 

It’s not the cheapest on the market. Best price we could find was over here at Amazon


  • The Dyson Airblade AB11 is compact and is fitted into the tap system. Great for saving space and time drying hands. 
  • The hygienic vents work automatically and provide an efficient dry for wet hands in under 12 seconds. 
  • It’s a quiet system and detects the hands by infrared sensors. 


  • It’s at the expensive end of the hand dryer market. And you have to fit one to each sink but running efficiency is relatively low cost. 
  • Users looking for traditional hand drying devices may not realise it is built into the taps so some visible instruction may be required. 

2. Airblade AB14

This is a traditional wall-mounted hand dryer with a 10 second drying time according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The elegant steel design means that it’s easy to keep clean and simple to operate, even in a busy environment. 

Airblade by Dyson Image

The energy efficiency of this model is also an attractive proposition for businesses. With a 4 to 6 watt output, the cost can be as little as 48 pence for 1,000 dries. 

Paper towels used in restrooms for drying hands can be a huge problem. Especially in busy office environments or in places like the hospitality industry, airports and the like. An Airblade hand dryer removes this issue completely and allows businesses to maintain facilities at a much lower cost. 

The AB14 comes with Dyson’s innovative long-life brushless motor. It has a low noise output compared to other devices on the market and also the system also comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee. 

It comes in a few different colours All available at Amazon. Check the latest price on Amazon for the Dyson Airblade black model here.


  • It removes the problem of the mess caused by hand towels being left in the washroom and enables businesses to maintain hygiene standards much better. 
  • The AB14 is one of the most cost-effective dryers on the market at the moment and can handle large volumes of restroom traffic.
  • It includes anti-vandal features. 
  • You’ll find the electricity cost of running the Dyson Airblade AB14 is between 48 and 72 pence per 1,000 dries so it’s also one of the most economical devices on the market today. 
  • In addition, when replacing hand towels, the manufacturers say that the machine can pay for itself within a year through reduced costs.
  • The HEPA filter ensures high levels of hygiene as the hands aren’t dried by contaminated air. 


  • While Dyson put drying time at 10 seconds, you will see that consumer reviews have tested it between 16 and 10 seconds. Depending on how wet the hands are!

3. Airblade AB08

If you are looking for an Airblade that looks a little different in design, you might want to investigate the AB08 more closely. It’s smaller than some of Dyson’s other models and has a distinctive geometric shape. 

Dyson Airblade Wall Image

It’s a system that works like more traditional hand dryers. You place your hands under the box and the infra-red technology then initiates the airflow. Dyson estimates that it gives a full hand dry in just under 12 seconds. 

These are not steel framed systems so the polycarbonate cover may well make it more of a risk for damage in busy public washrooms. It works well for offices and other businesses, however, and is relatively efficient to run. 

The key factor is that it only juts about 10 cm out from the wall so it is a system that is ideal for smaller washrooms. The digital V4 motor is relatively quiet compared to other models on the market today and for the price you are paying it is decent value. As with all Dyson Airblade products, the system has two HEPA filters that keep the air hygienically clean. 

Unlike other models, the AB08 uses a scraping, windscreen wiper type of motion moving the water off your hands. 


  • With dimensions of H394mm X W234mm X D100mm, this is one of the smaller Dyson Airblade models and is suitable for lower volume use in locations like offices. 
  • Despite its size, the airflow is relatively powerful and the hand dryer works within 12 seconds to dry the hands completely.
  • I found that the noise volume is low compared to similar products on the market. 
  • It’s one of the cheaper Airblade products from Dyson and is good value for money (check the latest price on Amazon) if you have an office washroom with normal usage. 


  • It’s not suitable for high volume washrooms such as found in airports and train stations. 
  • The polycarbonate cover makes it less robust than Dyson’s steel products.